About Margaret

I am Margaret, and live in Edinburgh, Scotland since 2007. Originally from Transylvania, Romania I was born in a Hungarian speaking family. My childhood was filled with lots of health problems that were almost like trial through fire and each of those trying experiences have forged the woman I am now. These less desireable experiences have also thought me to understand pain, control it and find ways to overcome it. When my mum suddenly passed away, the shock was too great to bear and all of those painful experiences that were inside broke the shell and all the limits of my being and my world has been changed forever.

Since then the world behind the veils has shown itself to me and realised that I've gained an extra sense. My sixth sense slowly but surely got activated as a result of the opening of the 3rd eye chakra. At this point I knew nothing about what lies behind the veils of unseen, so scary but interesting times began. This until I've found others who have gone through similar experiences who explained that I'm not losing my mind but that I am becoming my full potential as a human. This is also what I believe my calling is; that is to teach to anyone interested how to go through the door leading to limitless personal growth and health.

In over 20 years I have come a long way using daily meditation, learning healing techniques using my intuition absorbing tremedous amounts of information and knowledge that I am now ready to put to good use.  This way I came across knowledge that would help me heal myself and stop the potentially crippling effects of my scoliosis (caused by an accident) that I've been suffering with since I was a child.

Apart from the initial spiritual guides and a Ramtha School of Enlightenment course I have been my own teacher and have gained experience in Life Healing therapy, medical intuition and spiritually guided holistic counselling through many years of practice with great results.

The method I use in healing is not a secret and not unique; many healers use the same life energy to heal using different techniques. The complexity of these techniques and the ability to truly understand and be able to direct this energy makes the whole difference in the desired outcome.

I believe that the treatments I offer are of very high value to anyone seeking health, growth and understanding of life mysteries.

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the healer

People call me a gifted healer, a clairvoyant, a counsellor, but I know that I am above all a human like everyone else. The gift I got is available to everyone who is ready to raise their vibrational level and walk the path of the truth seeker. It all starts with being in tune with yourself and a desire to truly understand what it means to be human on this planet.

Margaret’s thoughts about the reason why she is involved in healing work:


Sometimes we need someone to love us and other times we need someone to love us the way we want us to be loved, but this kind of love never arrives. That’s because we are all so different from each other and find difficult to understand each other deeply. Due to this desire for Love (a highly coherent emotion and healing frequency), heightened sensitivity is being created within ourselves and this is what puts us, healers, on the path we’ve chosen. The reason we work with healing energies is because this kind of Love that we’ve been missing so badly, that high frequency unconditional Love that we understand so well makes us become the source of this kind of Love for someone else. This certainly true for me; this is why I offer everything I’ve got during a session. Also this is our/my way of explaining to others what it is that we desire so much as healers.


I am ready

» to heal your mind, body and spirit as I have the knowledge and understand You and your pain.

» to put my extra-sensorial abilities to use to give you guidance when at cross roads and insights into our universe's biggest misteries.

Just ask me.

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