I’ve been so lucky just days before being my birthday, to get as a present , a long distance life healing session from Margaret.
There are so many things we don’t know as ordinary people, about gifted people, with healing abilities...
I must say I had very interesting and unbelievable moments throughout the 15 minutes taster session.
A very relaxing time, waves and tingles all over my body, concentrated on some of my body parts which they need a bit more attention.
It was an amazing experience, relaxed but with a lot more energy. Definitely we will carry on doing more sessions.
I would recommend Margaret to my family and friends and to anyone as Margaret is a very gifted energy healing therapist.
Dear Margaret thanks a lot for your help.
Emily, receptionist

I hope many people will have the opportunity to experience Margaret's healing and the kind of relief that one can get after a treatment session.
It certainly helped me many times! I usually contact her when I've already tried everything possible and I'm crying because of pain. It borders a miracle the way in which within minutes the weight of my issues are lightening and in the long run they disappear even in case of chronic illnesses.
The first time I got relief through her treatment was for the dislocated hip problem I was born with. I was a very little girl when I first started having pain due to my dislocated hip sometimes aggravated by overexcertion but also because of changing weather. If I remember well it was back in the summer of 1999 when she treated me and my pain never came back since.
Another memorable occasion when I received healing energy from Margaret was in 2007 when after a very stressful period of time I developed such a bad haemorrhoids that I could scream in pain. After two days of sheer agony when the pain did not subside I contacted Margaret and within 1-2 hours the pain almost wasn't there anymore.

The third more memorable treatment I received from her took longer to heal, the illness was an almost debilitating chronic rheumatoid arthritis that caused a terrible pain. During the 5 successive treatments that I've received from for this issue I managed to completely let go and disconnect from the stressful everydays and from session to session I could feel the intensity of the pain dropping and felt like I've been reborn. My joints are to this day sensitive to lifting exertion but the pain has now completely disappeared.

I am very grateful to fate that I've met Margaret and for all that she's done for me!
Wilhelmina, mum, wife and teacher.

I've had four long-distance sessions (with the Atlantic Ocean between us) with Margaret so far. I just had to send her a picture of myself to her Facebook for her to work with.
From the very beginning she was very intuitive and I was able to relax. During the sessions I felt a pleasant tingling and warmth in various areas of my body that she was working on. Afterwards I felt a sort of inner peace and a surge in my energy-levels. Her work was having great results!
What was also very interesting was the fact that she somehow knew that there seemed to be an issue with my kidneys (I hadn't told her that previously). Sure enough a few weeks later I ended up needing medical care for my kidneys and I am seeing a urologist soon. I would definitely recommend Margaret to anyone!
Imola - Nutritionist

I was possibly among the first lucky ones to meet Margaret and experience her incredible healing power. It all started when on a routine medical examination they've noticed that on my gal bladder I have deposits of sand. This is what has been causing terrible sicknesses every time I ate heavy meals. I've contacted Margaret for help although I knew that she has only recently discovered her abilities. I've seen her 5 times for her healing therapy and then went for another scan at the doctor's office where I was told that gal bladder is clean as a tear. Since then I have experienced Margaret's amazing healing multiple times and every time with great success. When she's next to me and healing me I feel a pleasant tingling sensation all through my body while I realise that slowly my pain is subsiding and leaving my body for good.
Thank you Margaret for what you've done for me so far.
Aranka, retired

Margaret is a trustworthy and wonderful person, a healer in whom you can truly confide and trust in the success of the treatment. During the therapy I can feel how my chakras open up and everything in my body and aura settles in a perfect balance. After the treatment I am full of energy, a feeling like I've been renewed, any wrinkles on my face are smoothened out and I view the world in a much more positive way.
Agnes, mother

What an amazing experience, what an amazing gift..all this thanks to Margaret's wonderful Life energy that she has to give. I had a huge pain in my leg for over a year, but thanks to her , all that pain is now gone! Believe and You shall receive!
Ana- supervisor

The treatment has given me a boost of energy and has balanced me in many ways. My self-belief has multiplied ten fold the same way as my ability to look within myself and observ. All of the opportunities that exist for me have become clearer and have once more discovered the power with which I can purposefully lead my life. I've seen Margaret twice and her advise is still under process. My pains in my sinuses and ears have diminished, although still there now I know what to do to shift the pain and get relief. I'm only concetrating on the positive and I'm confident that I'll be swinging past these issues easily. So thank you!
Beatrix, Singer

Margaret, the most amazing woman, soul, friend and healer. I met her first in person, and after she moved to Scotland we kept in touch on the internet. I needed her help with some health issues and with her infinite energy and her amazing abilities she healed me. Whether she holds your hand or she is hundreds or thousands miles away, it does not matter, her healing can reach you anywhere on this planet and beyond. Love you Margaret and thank you for everything
Csenge – Accountant

Margaret I have been happy and still am with the treatment received. During the therapy I've had a lot of emotions coming up the surface and images crossing my mind and I felt like I'm flying as if I was a bird, then images of me being a long-haired little girl who felt protected. I also saw a strong light at one point. I felt the effects of the treatment for several days after and an euforic state took over me, feeling hopeful, bright loving and longing to be loved. Thank you for this wonderful experience, it is like a well to which I go in my memory gathering from it strenght and peace to face the world.
Mariana - secretary