Frequently Asked Questions

What is Extra sensory perception (ESP) and the Aura?

Extra sensory perception (ESP) is the ability to receive information through channels other than the five senses that we know about in modern science (taste, sight, touch, smell and hearing). This is also known as clairvoyance and is of help when reading the past, the causes of events and ways to prevent other misfortunes.

Margaret can perceive energy forces that others are unable to see, such as aura. Aura is the personal energy field surrounding a person, visible to those with ESPs as a colourful emanation from the individual's body.

A person's aura can reveal their personality and state of mind and gives evidence of the person’s current level of wellbeing which is the starting point of every counselling session.


More on the Aura

Science has come to understand that the human organism is not just a physical structure made of molecules; but is composed of energy fields vibrating, refreshing and exchanging information within and around the body.

Your aura is an energy picture of your physical body. It is alive with information to regulate all your biological functions.

Any alteration to your aura can influence the cellular, molecular, atomic and even subatomic aspects of your health.

Stress, physical and emotional trauma, our environment, and even thoughts can create imbalances in your aura. Actually all internal and external stimuli which have frequencies of their own can influence the aura and in turn can generate emotional, mental, and physical symptoms.

The aura, containing all the information of your immune system, works as the body’s defence system –  just as a city would not be defended from within but from the outskirts.

Any imbalance first appears in your aura, which later can develop as an illness in the physical body.

When a lack of Bioenergy therapy becomes too great or incoherent your defence system collapses and you become ill at your weakest point.

You are healthy when the energy potential of your aura is perfectly ordered and balanced thus vibrating at its optimum frequency.

What conditions can Life Energy Healing (Bioenergy) be used to treat?

Energy therapies can be used to treat any ailment, as the whole person is treated, rather than only the symptoms themselves.  However, personal experience has shown this therapy to be especially effective in treating auto-immune disorders (allergies, lupus, arthritis, etc), muscular pain and trauma, headaches, kidney infections, digestive complaints, and stress and emotional trauma (v. good for clearing deeply held emotional issues).  Again, it cannot be stressed enough, that energy therapy is not in itself a "cure".  Once the client is open to receiving healing energy then short-terms gains will be felt following a session, or series of sessions, but long-term health benefits can only happen if the client is willing to change the areas of their life (poor relationships, diet, etc) that caused the imbalance in the first place.

What happens during an energy healing session?

A healing session can last anywhere from 50 to 70 minutes.  The first session is almost always longer (~50-70 minutes), as I like to take a complete case history. In all sessions the client remains fully-clothed. Because I am working with the energy field as it extends around the body, the client will at times be asked to sit, stand, or lie-down, but always as is comfortable for them.  Sometimes I put my hands on the body, but sometimes this therapy does not involve physical touch as I work in the energetic field as it extends outwards from the physical body.  Occasionally I find it necessary to engage in dialogue - this can be particularly helpful if there are emotional issues attached to a particular complaint. 

How will I feel?

People I have treated have often described the feeling of receiving healing energy as “enlightening”, “relaxing”, “warming”, “peaceful”, “bubbling”, “pulsating”, “intense”, “electrifying”, “magnetising” “exhausting”, “itchy”, ‘drowsy”, “lifting”, “tingling” and for me personally, an exhilarating experience. Although sometimes it happens that the client feels nothing at all which doesn't mean that the energy is not working, means only that the experience is not reaching the senses of that person.

How do I prepare for a session?

My only requirement for you to be present during the session and to do your best to stay in your body and out of the chatter of your mind! Also what you have to do is be open to accepting whatever healing may be on offer through the therapy.  Scepticism is ok, and perfectly natural! Scepticism won't necessarily interfere with healing, once you don't have your guard up so high that nothing can get past it.  Sometimes, in particularly sensitive people, the healing process can begin once you have made the decision to come for Life healing Energy treatment! So don't be surprised if you start to feel some emotions, or become especially aware of physical tensions, in the days leading up to the treatment. 

How many sessions do I need to go for?

Energy Therapy is a little bit like peeling an onion. If the client's issues are superficial or acute in nature, then perhaps one session might be enough to provide stress relief, or to ward off the onset of a cold for example.  However, in most cases there are a number of layers, and it can be most beneficial to complete a programme of 3-4 sessions in fairly close succession.  In this way we can work fairly deeply, getting to the core of issues, and maximizing the potential longer-term gains of the healing.  Once a client's energy field has been opened up and an improved connection to the universal energy source made, then healing may continue after the client has left my treatment room.  For that reason, it is generally recommended that following a 3-4 session treatment programme the client wait another 4-8 weeks before visiting for additional sessions, if required.

What happens after a session?

It is best to plan on not doing too much in the few hours following a session, as you may feel tired or emotional.  Basically your energetic body will have done the equivalent of a high-intensity workout, and you will most likely feel that in your physical body and need to rest. Drink a lot of water, rest, and eat nutritious, light food. This fatigue can be accompanied by a worsening of symptoms following sessions 2 & 3 in the programme, as the flow of qi is re-established and is pushing through the blockages. At this point, it is not uncommon to feel like you really don't want to go back to the therapist, but it is important to remember that you FEEL pain and emotional upset as it is leaving your body, so soldier on! Subsequent energy sessions will speed up the clearing process, and by the time you finish the programme we will be working to leave you clear of whatever debris may have come to surface.

Who is this therapy suitable for?

Energy therapies are suitable for anyone. The only health condition which would be approached with caution is blood clots, so if this is a concern for you then make sure to bring it to the attention of your therapist.

Babies and children can be treated, as can people with physical impairments. If you are not able to stand up for any length of time then the entire treatment can be conducted with you sitting, or lying, as is comfortable for you.