Life Healing Energy Therapy (also known as Bioenergy therapy) session

» Physical and Energy body Scanning and Balancingfinding the root cause of your issue followed by life energy transfer to realign energy centers, boost the immune system and your innate self-healing abilities

» Aura Cleansing and Life Energy transfer -  prevent or heal illnesses reduce pain and discomfort and also to eliminate the negative effects of a stressful life

» Spiritually guided holistic Counselling - offering guidance when at crossroads or advice on how to lead a fulfilling life, and solve problems all from the vantage point of a soul who has access to knowledge from beyond time and space

» Attunement - introduction into accessing life healing energy yourself for self-healing is also included in a session if required for no extra cost. Learn how to heal yourself!

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You can enjoy the benefits of Life Healing therapy in two ways:

In person healing » (Due to Covid19 outbreak not available)

One way is to come and see me in person at my address in Edinburgh, Stenhouse, which is my home address also. Please call or text for directions. Here I can either invite into my flat or into a purposely built garden room.

Distant healing »

Another way of receiving Life healing therapy is through distant healing. I can work at any distance from my patients as energy is not limited by length of space. Much like radio waves, healing energy can be transferred over frequencies also.

I only need a recent photograph to help me connect with your energy, also you must be open to receiving the healing and be relaxed at the time of the session. You can send me your picture after agreeing the appointment either in email or through Skype.
Many testimonials have been given attesting the accuracy of this treatment and experience has shown that it is very effective.



To make my treatment more affordable to everyone pay for one and get another for FREE!

Hello to you all!

I feel like I have a serious role to play in helping the world to stand back up again from this epidemic that has caused so much anxiety with it’s uncertainty and confusion.

There are many shifts happening in our society at the moment and these changes can bring about fear, more so now that we are isolated and out of our normal routines.

I am sure you’d agree when I say that we are rattled, nervous, anxious, unsure, uneasy and tensed.

Decisions taken when the heart and mind are out of tune will never yield anything positive in anybody’s life. For us to see our way out of a challenging situation we need to have our mind clear and heart at peace.

Meditation, mindfulness and physical exercise, walks in nature, relaxing baths, music and being creative all help bring about a sense of peace and hope and re-energises the mind and body.

Then there are other cases when you may feel like

*you are stuck and have tried everything possible but to no avail or

*just do not have the energy anymore to go through it alone.

I believe I can be of tremendous help when going through difficult times.

My deeply relaxing, energising and balancing life-energy healing sessions will provide you with the much needed support that many of my clients describe as removing the veil, strong natural high, more powerful then any medication they used to combat anxiety or depression.

The energy infusion you’ll get from me will kick-start a process that when followed through will indefinitely remove any fear, doubt and blockage that may keep you from becoming your self that you dreamt of.

Because I want to play my role in getting us unstuck and onto a road towards a brighter future

my offer for you is...

for the foreseable future you pay for one session and get the second one free. One session costs £40 and all sessions are performed from a distance. See how it works by reading above at the Distant Healing under Services.

Usually available in person in and around Edinburgh and at distance/remotely.

During this time of social distancing only Available REMOTELY through Skype, FaceBook or WhatsApp. All is needed is a recent photograph and the treatment has the same efficiency.

Contact & Pricing

Please get in touch for more information and to make an appointment

My telephone nr is: (44) 07907976346

Price per session is £40.

Usually 4 sessions are required if you're planning a transformation in your life. When you are booking 4 sessions at once the price for these is £140 giving you a discount of £20.

I am available:

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3PM to 7PM
Friday and Saturday from 10AM till 7PM

Preferably appointments should be booked in advance but there are times when you could be seen the same day. If you have to rearrange a visit, please give 24hrs notice. Thank you.

Cash and card payments or PayPal available. You can book an appointment through the form above. I will confirm the appointment in text message. If yo feel necessary please call to discuss your needs in more detail.

My English is not perfect so often I would require my husband's translating services who is a massage therapist and thoroughly understands the nature of my work.

You can find out  more about  him on our shared website.

For more information on:

What happens during an energy healing session?
How many sessions do I need to go for?
How do I prepare for a session?
Who is this therapy suitable for?
How will I feel?
Please see the FAQ's»