Like clear skies and sunlight behind thick clouds

Healing is just a veil away

Imagine a world where healing is at your fingertips.
You have the power to heal yourself.
I am here to start you on that journey.

The healing work I do with you includes:

» Physical and Energy body Scanning and Balancing

» Aura Cleansing and Life Energy transfer 

» Spiritually guided holistic Counselling

» Attunement

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I am sharing the excess Life Energy within me to keep your mind, body and spirit in perfect harmony

I am dedicating myself to the people who face all sorts of health issues. I am here to re-open and to reignite the spiritual processes using high frequency energies that I am a channel of.

I also offer to open you to the opportunities of self-healing by creating a door in your subconscious leading to a place of endless possibilities of re-creating physical, mental and spiritual health.

By opening that door you will enter a world of peace, self-belief, empowerment creating thus your own reality. When reaching the spiritual advancement required, you at that point will be able to heal others the same way I do, as the techniques I use are no secret.

The secret though is embedded in our genes and all I do is awaken that potentiality, that force that lies dormant within you and activate it so you can become your greatest in all aspects of your life.

Call it magic but Reiki/Life energy healing with Margaret works!

Physical, emotional and spiritual rejuvenation! Simply put this is Infusion of Love and Light on all levels of your being.

Trust it and move beyond your limitations, heal, be confident. People from all walks of life have tried it thus reaching their full potential in life. When you are searching for answers about why things happen to you, doubt yourself or when you feel like you are out of control, losing your feet and out of balance - there is still hope if you chose to come and see Margaret.

Even just one session can make wonders and put you back on track ready to face the world. Heal and find a cure to any illness by having the unproductive elements of your life removed, reorganise your thought and behavioural patterns.

Let Margaret kick-start this journey for you by re-programming the cells within your body to start doing what they were made to do - LIVE and Thrive even under great strains. Margaret works on levels of your being doctors don't even know exist to achieve what some call miracles. It is time to try a solution that puts you in charge to make a change from within yourself that will last and has no side-effects.

Transform NOW!

The door is waiting to be opened, to enter is entirely your choice.

Anyone approaching me believing, abandoning disbelief and doubt, anyone trusting their innate desire to heal and accepts the energy I work with and its vibrations, increases the effect of the therapy by adding in their own energy, thus activating and increasing the self-healing process. 



Margaret is a trustworthy and wonderful person, a healer in whom you can truly confide and trust in the success of the treatment. During the therapy I can feel how my chakras open up and everything in my body and aura settles in a perfect balance. After the treatment I am full of energy, a feeling like I've been renewed, any wrinkles on my face are smoothened out and I view the world in a much more positive way.
Agnes, mother

There are many medical conditions, physical or emotional, in which the treatment could be beneficial and many reasons why one would want to have the therapy done, these include:

Life healing_Reiki-154
  • Clearing the body of pain and negative/stagnating energies
  • Improving Mental health, feel at peace, Confident and grateful to be alive
  • Preparing for surgery and Speed up the recovery process after it
  • Preventing illnesses,  so for general Wellness and Maintenance
  • Becoming your best in everything you do

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BE prepared to HEAL and BLOSSOM, it’s your birthright! Allow me to help and guide you.

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